Treatment Courts


Provide Behavioral Health, substance use treatment and recovery services to individuals who are involved in the criminal justice system and who have been identified as having a Mental Illness and/or Substance Use Disorder as an alternative to incarceration.

From October through September of 2017 – 47% of drug court clients successfully completed their treatment plan goals and 60% of them obtained viable employment.

General Info

Tehama County Health Services Agency works in collaboration with Superior Court Judges, Prosecutors and Defense attorneys to identify and enroll criminal offenders into substance use treatment programs. Our Treatment Court programs are available to both adults and juveniles meeting certain criteria. The current active Treatment Courts in Tehama County are Adult Drug Court, Behavioral Health Court, Family Treatment & Recovery Court and Juvenile Behavioral Health Court.

Behavioral Health Court

Designed to connect criminal defendants with diagnosed mental illness to treatment services in the community and reduce crime recidivism by providing treatment and case management services to persons struggling with mental illness and committing criminal offenses.

Adult Drug Court

Provides Substance Use treatment, community supervision, drug testing, case management, education and housing support to individuals convicted of a crime directly related to drug and/or alcohol use. Participants have committed a felony, been sentenced and ordered to attend all drug court services in lieu of lengthy jail and/or prison time. While in drug court, participants are closely monitored by the Drug Court Judge with frequent court appearances, closely supervised by a dedicated probation officer and are expected to participate in a comprehensive treatment program.

Family Treatment and Recovery Court

A voluntary treatment court program for parents whose children are in the custody of child protective services and who are struggling with substance abuse. The program includes substance use treatment, parenting education, drug testing, case management and housing support.

Juvenile Behavioral Health Court

Our newest Treatment Court program is designed to address the needs of youth ages fourteen (14) to seventeen (17) who have been identified with a Substance Use Disorder and who have extensive involvement in the criminal justice system. Working in collaboration with the Juvenile Probation department, program services include Substance Use Education, Treatment, Case Management, Life Skill training, Education Support and connection to community resources.

All Treatment Court programs offer support and education groups to parents, family members and/or significant others. We encourage family members to get involved in the treatment and recovery of their loved one.

Accessing Services

To be considered for one of the treatment courts program you must be referred by your defense attorney and/or Tehama County Superior Court Judge.