TCHSA Careers

General Info

The Health Services Agency is a dynamic place to work that offers a wide variety of professional opportunities ranging from clerical staff to physicians. At the Health Services Agency, there is no such thing as a typical day. Depending on the position, activities during the day can include providing counseling or medical services to a person in need, referring or transporting clients to other community services, providing nutrition education, going on a home visit, teaching a car seat class or facilitating a meeting to gather information from the community.

One thing is certain there is never a dull moment or a lot of down time when working for the Agency. So if you’re looking for a job and you have a passion for health and a desire to help people you can most likely find your vocation here.

Job Opportunities

You can view a list of all Tehama County Health Services Agency openings by visiting the Tehama County Career Opportunities webpage and typing in “health” in the search bar –

To gain more information on how to apply follow the instructions on the website and review the pdf below.

NeoGov Filing Instructions

Health and Higher Education

Some job opportunities within the Health Services Agency require special licenses and/or certifications. Whether you already possess a degree in a health field or are considering pursuing higher education in the health field, the links below offer some resources on Substance Use Disorder Counseling and student loan repayment options. These options are offered at both state and federal levels and we encourage you to contact them directly to obtain information.