To offer equal quality care to individuals through personnel awareness and compliance of all Federal and State laws, contractual requirements, and agency-wide policies.

General Information

Tehama County Health Agency is committed to offering superior care through compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations. We support our staff through a structure of leadership, training, communication, informing materials, reporting avenues, auditing, monitoring, and enforcement. At Tehama County Health Agency we do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, including discrimination based on pregnancy, gender identity, or sex stereotyping. We support an ideology of informed care. For more information about privacy and your rights you can visit the patient rights section of our website here, you can also view our notice of privacy practices and fraud, or contact us via our abuse and compliance hotline. We strive to offer an excellent experience in all our services, by following a strict code of conduct and code of ethics. For more information about quality assurance visit this section of our website here.

Compliance Hotline

Speaking up isn’t easy but it is the first step toward making things better. Your voice has power! Reporting misconduct is one way we can all help improve the agency for ourselves and others. Tehama County Health Services Agency monitors its compliance hotline for contact from residents regarding issues of fraud, waste, and abuse. If you suspect any violations regarding illicit financial activities, misrepresentation, intentional deceptions regarding rendered services, or direct infringement of state or federal compliance statutes please report it.

Compliance Reporting Resources

1-866-528-3259 (P)

1-530-527-0240 (F)

PO Box 400, Red Bluff, CA 96080


If you need to submit a complaint outside of a grievance related to services received, you can submit the attached form to us by bringing it to our office, by mail, or by fax as noted on the form. Click here for a form in both English and Spanish.