Emergency Preparation Services


To work with our community partners and volunteers to ensure that the medical and health needs of residents are met during times of disaster.

General Information

When a man-made or natural disaster occurs in a local community, depending on the nature and size of the incident, multiple agencies will respond. These agencies include but are not limited to law enforcement, fire, emergency management services, and public health. Local jurisdictions are expected to have a Medical Health Operational Area Coordination Program, Tehama County Health Services Agency, through their public health department, plays a key role in developing, implementing, and maintaining that program. Activities within that program include community education and outreach, coordination of medical and mental health services, assurance of safety for health responders, and investigation and control of communicable disease.

Services Offered

  • Emergency Preparedness Community Education and Outreach

  • Annual drive-thru clinic

  • Development of emergency preparedness plans designed to address the health needs of the community during an incident.

  • Participate in emergency preparedness exercises in collaboration with the Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, local police departments, fire departments, Environmental Health, and County Administration.

  • Support the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP).  HPP brings together St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, local medical clinics and skilled nursing facilities to help them prepare and identify resources needed during a disaster.

  • Facilitates communication and resource needs between local healthcare facilities and the region during times of disaster.

  • Maintain local disaster healthcare volunteer database.