Quality Assurance


The goal of the Quality Management (QM) program is to ensure our clients are receiving appropriate care, that residents of Tehama County have access to services, and that quality is an ongoing process focused on continued improvement.

General Info

The QM program reviews state regulations in order to ensure our programs, policies, and practices are up to date and within the best practices. Additionally, the Behavioral Health Center is reviewed annually by the state and/or its designee for quality assessment purposes. Things reviewed include adherence to regulations, adequacy and accessibility to services, and beneficiary protection, including patients’ rights issues and client satisfaction.

The QM program provides training on the above issues to Behavioral Health Center staff members and solicits feedback on areas needing further improvement. The QM program maintains a Quality Improvement Workplan to ensure commitment to continued improvement. This workplan is updated annually and can be found in Links below.

The QM program welcomes feedback from clients, staff members, agency partners, community members, and partners. The Quality Assurance Manager heads the Quality Improvement Committee, which meets monthly to explore, plan, and implement quality improvement measures for the Behavioral Health Center. If you would like to get more information regarding becoming a member of the Quality Improvement Committee, please contact the Quality Assurance Manager at 530-527-8491 x3026.

Contact Information

Quality Assurance Manager


Compliance Officer

Bianca Naron
530-527-8491 x3046

Presumptive Transfer

Curtis Barwick, LMFT
Clinician III
530-527-8491 x3035

Services Offered

The Quality Improvement Program is designed to develop, implement, coordinate, monitor and evaluate performance activities throughout the MHP.  The primary concerns of the QI Program include, but are not limited to:

  • Beneficiary Access to services and authorization for services

  • Program Integrity and Compliance

  • Grievances and Appeals

  • Beneficiary and Provider Satisfaction

  • Performance Improvement

  • Beneficiary and System Outcomes

  • Utilization Management and Clinical Reviews

The MHP QI program is comprised of the Quality Improvement Committee (QIC), Quality Assurance Manager (QAM), and service teams. The QI program is accountable to the Mental Health Director and will be evaluated and updated annually.

If you have concerns regarding the quality of services provided, please contact the Quality Assurance Manager at 530-527-8491 x3026, or complete a grievance form, available below or in any of our lobby areas. These forms can be dropped off at any of our lobby areas or mailed in to: PO Box 400, Red Bluff, CA, 96080-0400.


Patients Rights
QI Workplan Goals FY 20-21
QI Workplan Eval FY17-18
QI Program Description & Workplan
Cultural Competency Plan FY18-19

Grievance/Appeal/Expedited Appeal Process

Problem Member Solution Guide – English
Problem Member Solution Guide (Large Print) – English
Problem Member Solution Guide – Spanish
Problem Member Solution Guide (Large Print) – Spanish
Grievance, Appeal, Expedited Appeal Form

Performance Dashboards

Performance Outcomes System Report: Children (Aug 2017)
Performance Outcomes System Report: Children (Aug 2017) ADA version
Performance Outcomes System Report: Adults (Aug 2017)
Performance Outcomes System Report: Adults (Aug 2017) ADA version
External Quality Review Report 2016
Tehama Implementation Plan Update 2019-10-23
Tehama County MHP QAPI FY 19-20 final