Tehama County HSA Code of Conduct

TCHSA maintains high ethical standards and is committed to complying with all applicable statutes, regulations and guidelines.  The TCHSA and each of its employees and contractors shall follow an established Code of Conduct.

The purpose of the TCHSA Code of Conduct is to ensure that all TCHSA employees and contractors are committed to conducting their activities in accordance with the highest levels of ethics and in compliance with all applicable State and Federal statutes, regulations and guidelines.  The Code of Conduct also serves to demonstrate TCHSA’s dedication to providing quality care to its patients.

Code of Conduct – General Statement:

  • The Code of Conduct is intended to provide TCHSA employees and contractors with general guidelines to enable them to conduct the business of TCHSA in an ethical and legal manner;

  • Every TCHSA employee and contractor is expected to uphold the Code of Conduct;

  • Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct or failure to report non-compliance may subject the TCHSA employee or contractor to disciplinary action, up to or including termination of employment or contracted status.


All TCHSA employees and contractors:

  • Shall perform their duties in good faith and to the best of their ability.
  • Shall comply with all statutes, regulations, and guidelines applicable to Federal health care programs, and with TCHSA’s own policies and procedures.
  • Shall refrain from any illegal conduct. When an employee or contractor is uncertain of the meaning or application of a statute, regulation, or guideline, or the legality of a certain practice or activity, he or she shall seek guidance from his or her immediate Supervisor, Director, the Quality Assurance Manager or the Compliance Auditor.
  • Shall not obtain any improper personal benefit by virtue of their employment or contractual relationship with TCHSA.
  • Shall notify their Supervisor, Director, Assistant Executive Director or Executive Director immediately upon receipt (at work or at home) of any inquiry, subpoena, or other agency or governmental request for information regarding TCHSA.
  • Shall not destroy or alter TCHSA information or documents in anticipation of, or in response to, a request for documents by any applicable governmental agency or from a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • Shall not engage in any practice intended to unlawfully obtain favorable treatment or business from any entity, physician, patient, resident, vendor, or any other person or entity in a position to provide such treatment or business.
  • Shall not accept any gift of more than nominal value or any hospitality or entertainment, which because of its source or value, might influence the employee’s or contractor’s independent judgment in transactions involving TCHSA.
  • Shall disclose to their Director any financial interest, official position, ownership interest, or any other relationship that they (or a member of their immediate family) has with TCHSA vendors or contractors.
  • Shall not participate in any false billing of patients, governmental entities, or any other party.
  • Shall not participate in preparation of any false cost report or other type of report submitted to the government.
  • Shall not pay or arrange for TCHSA to pay any person or entity for the referral of patients to TCHSA, and shall not accept any payment or arrangement for TCHSA to accept any payment for referrals from TCHSA.
  • Shall not use confidential TCHSA information for their own personal benefit or for the benefit of any other person or entity while employed at or under contract to TCHSA, or at any time thereafter.
  • Shall not disclose confidential medical information pertaining to TCHSA’s patients or clients without the express written consent of the patients or clients or pursuant to court order and in accordance with the applicable law and TCHSA applicable policies and procedures.
  • Shall promptly report to the Compliance Auditor any and all violations or suspected violations of the Code of Conduct.
  • Shall promptly report to the Compliance Auditor any and all violations or suspected violations of any statute, regulation, or guideline applicable to Federal health care programs or violations of TCHSA’s own policies and procedures.
  • Shall not engage in or tolerate retaliation against employees or contractors who report or suspect wrongdoing.