Substance Use Prevention


Our mission is to empower youth to make healthy choices and resist social pressures to drink alcohol and use other drugs.

General Information

Substance use can lead to chronic illness such as heart disease and diabetes. It also has far reaching effects on individual health, family and community, so preventing drug and alcohol use has to start early. In 2014 an estimated 22.5 million Americans ages 12 and older reported needing treatment for alcohol and/or illicit drug use. Tehama County Substance Use Recovery Center provides a variety of programs that focus on preventing substance use amongst our youth. Tehama County Substance Use Recovery Center works in collaboration with Tehama County Department of Education Drug Free Communities to support these activities. For more information and a schedule of presentations contact the Substance Use Prevention Staff at 530-527-7893.

Services & Programs

  • Prevention Programs

  • Substance Use Screening

  • Prevention Project:

    School-based student-driven activities, where students identify projects that promote pro-social behavior and/or the prevention of drug and alcohol use. Examples of past projects include video and poster production of students sharing how drugs and alcohol have impacted their lives. The completed projects are used to educate the community and encourage other students to stay drug and alcohol free.

  • Club Live/Friday Night Live:

    These programs are designed by and for middle school (Club Live) and high school (Friday Night Live) students to promote leadership, community involvement, safe and healthy activities. Some of the activities that local groups have organized include retailer alcohol awareness campaign, community sock drive for the homeless, sober graduations, dances, haunted houses and mentoring.

  • The Truth About Drugs:

    This program aims to educate and create awareness amongst teachers, parents, students and community members about the facts surrounding Drug use.


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