Medication Support Services


The mission of Medication Support and Medication Assisted Treatment Services is to provide clients with ongoing support, monitoring, education, and other resources necessary to ensure adherence to medication treatment plans.

General Information

Behavioral Health Medication Support links behavioral health consumers with appropriate psychiatric services including prescribing, monitoring, and administration of psychotropic medications. These services are offered to both adults and children as determined necessary and appropriate by the treatment team.

Those suffering from an alcohol or opioid Substance Use Disorder may be eligible for medication to support them in their recovery. The need for Medication Assisted Treatment is determined by a thorough Substance Use Assessment and referral to a medical provider. The type of medication used to treat the Substance Use Disorder is determined by the medical provider.

Services Offered

  • Medicated assisted treatment for individuals in substance use recovery

  • Long-acting injectable psychotropic medications for qualifying consumers

  • Consultation with community primary care providers

  • Psychotropic medication services for children