Forensic Services


Provide treatment services to individuals who are or have been incarcerated and/or are on probation.

General Info

Tehama County Health Services Agency provides substance use recovery services and mental health services to inmates in the jail, parolees reporting to the day reporting center and youth in the juvenile detention facility.

Juvenile Hall Services

Screenings, drug and alcohol education groups, individual counseling and referral to services that get implemented once they leave the hall.

County Jail Services

Inmates receive Moral Reconation Therapy, an evidence based program designed to change antisocial and criminal thinking. For inmates who are parents, the Parenting Inside Out program is available and offered in both a men and women’s group format.

Day Reporting Center Services

Parolees are connected to our Substance Use Recovery Center for drug and alcohol education, life skills development, Mental Health and Substance use treatment groups and case management.

Accessing Services

Youth in juvenile hall and inmates in the jail are screened to determine if they would benefit from mental health or substance use recovery services. If their screening indicates further assessment is completed and they are referred for the appropriate level of services. Inmates in the jail may request or be referred by jail staff for parenting inside out program.

Both County Probation and the Jail refer inmates to treatment services.