Use the Employer Playbook for a Safe Reopening to help plan and prepare for reopening your business.
Review how to respond to COVID-19 cases in your workplace and prevent further spread.
Every county in California is assigned to a tier based on its rate of new cases and positivity. Check our county’s tier status to see how businesses and activities can open: 


What is a modified quarantine?

A modified quarantine order can be provided to individuals, with no symptoms, that are in essential roles that cannot be covered by others.  This modified quarantine order allows individuals to come to work if their employer approves them to come in to do their work.  When they come to work, they must remain masked at all times and socially distance and symptom monitor.  Once they leave work, they must return home and stay there as though they are on a regular quarantine order.

Can household contacts get a modified quarantine? Only if they can stay away from positive case in their household during that individual’s isolation period.

How do I submit a Plan for my business to have it reviewed and approved by the Tehama County Health Officer?

CLICK HERE to submit a plan: COVID-19: Back-to-Business Guidance for Building Your Plan