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About This Training

ACCESS’ Leadership Training educates participants about their responsibilities under the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), and teaches them how to effectively implement the MHSA’s six General Standards and Community Program Planning Process requirements. Many mental health policy makers have never received a meaningful overview of the MHSA and other applicable mental health laws that apply to their work, the role of committees and bodies in the public mental health system, stakeholder inclusion and accountability, fiscal transparency, or open meeting laws prior to assuming the responsibilities of their positions. Without a deep understanding of the goals and values of the MHSA and the principles upon which public mental health services are founded, they cannot be truly effective in their roles. This training provides agency leaders and other key decision-makers in California’s Public Mental Health System a better understanding of their roles and how to effectuate the transformative change and community participation envisioned under the MHSA.

Download (PDF, 175KB)